Employer Toolkit

Tools to connect your employees to their super

We’ve developed practical tools you can use in your workplace to help educate and connect your employees with their super.

Our toolkits include a range of items that can be used in any workplace no matter how big or small. These could include print materials, videos, internal communications for your intranet, newsletters, or web banners.

Simply download our toolkits and share practical tips to get the most out of Rest Super with your employees.

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The power of choice

Rest has a range of investment options, including our Sustainable Growth option. Help your employees invest in super a way that is right for them.

Member rewards

Super, more rewarding for your employees. Help your employees stay connected to their super while enjoying some great benefits.

Learning Centre

Promote the Rest Learning Centre in your workplace to help your employees make the most of your super.

Insurance changes

There are important changes to Rest insurance. Help your employees understand how these changes will impact them.

Rest App

Promote the Rest App in your workplace so your employees can stay connected to their super.

Why Rest video

We’ve created short and sweet videos for you to share with your employees about some of the benefits of being a member of Rest. These include the Rest App, our virtual agent, Roger and access to convenient financial advice.

Retirement Health Check

Promote the Rest Retirement Health Check digital journey in your workplace, so your employees can see if they are on track for retirement.

Find and combine super

Help your employees understand the value and benefits of combining several super funds, including avoiding multiple sets of fees and making it easier to keep track of and manage their super.

The Drain Game Campaign

We’ve developed practical tools you can use in your workplace to spread the word. Together we can help your employees confidently look forward to a brighter tomorrow.